Tuesday, 24 June 2014

nailventure time: revisited

Did my last exam for the semester last night! As soon as I came home, I saw the sorry sight of my nails and knew something had to be done. Something big though, not just a plain ol' colour or pattern.

The result:
Adventure Time nails! Now I know I've done one like this before, as well as an LSP one and a B-MO one (IT'S JUST TOO EASY/CUTE, OKAY!?) but I'd like to think this set displays more detail. I mean, the logo is there!

Also for fans of the show who are confused by the pinky next to B-MO, it was meant to be Cinnamon Bun... I couldn't think of who I wanted on my last nail, then after I had painted "Cinnamon Bun" (arguable it looks like him), I realised that I could have done Tree Trunks! She's a cutie. Oh well, maybe another time? ;)

Now that holidays are upon me, I have the freedom to do whatever I please! Buuut  'll probably spend that opportunity just painting my nails lalzzzz.

Better for this blog, I guess!

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