Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nailo and Stitch

Here's another Disney related theme! Lilo and Stitch nails:

 I was just kind of on a roll after Emperor's New Groove, and was also being inspired by my older themes. 

Also I apologise for the photo being upside down. I'm posting this from my phone and am so technologically inept that I don't know how to rotate the photo. Oh well! You just have to take what you get.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Emperor's nail groove

Well hasn't it been a while! Just a bit under a year, to be exact. I was just sitting here, in front of my laptop, thinking of new and inventive ways to procrastinate when I stumbled across this bad boy again! It was destiny that I return.

So I haven't checked this blog in a long time (it's connected to an old email address so I don't even get notifications about it anymore 😢) but seeing that people actually take time to look at my blog has given me renewed vigour to start it up again. That, and the fact that finals are now 4 weeks away (eep).

Wow so a lot has changed since last year! Now that I have an iPhone I can blog on the go! Which will be a delightful time buster. Additionally, I have an Instagram account too, on which I post most of my nail art escapades. So fear not! I have a stream of posts lined up if need be! (P.s. Instagram account: coolboy_namira if you're keen)

Okay, enough nostalgic rambling!! I present to you Emperor's New Groove nails:
So on the thumb you've got llama Emperor Kuzco, human Kuzco, Yzma, Kronk and Pacha.

Enjoy! And glad to be back.
(And thank you for viewing my blog. Even if you accidentally clicked on it. Maybe it was fate? Have a scroll through to check.)