Thursday, 26 July 2012


As you should know, the London 2012 Olympics will be starting in a few days! I absolutely love the Olympics - I can seriously just sit down and watch any random event and get into it. And of course thanks to Foxtel (cable TV) we get comprehensive Olympics coverage! EIGHT CHANNELS ALL THE TIME! I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I translated my love for the Olympics into nail art:
The olympic logo on my nails! I had the sniffles so I stayed home today, giving me ample time to paint this bad boy out. Circles are a killer, but because I was marathonning Degrassi it was fine to do :) I did an accent nail yet again just so I can wear it during school and have a little reminder all the time that the Olympics are near!

Namira :)x

Friday, 20 July 2012


I did this nail design a while back but I honestly just forgot to post it! I was wearing a shirt with horsey patterns on it that day so I thought I'd replicate it on my nail.

I think I now remember why I didn't put it up... it's a tad messy haha. But apart from that, I quite enjoyed painting little grass out of crackle nail polish for my haphazard horse :) This was an accent nail because drawing the horse was very difficult, so painting it 10 times would have been interesting, if not a disaster!

Namira :)x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

over the nailbow

Hello fellow lacquerheads! Despite beginning the biggest term of my schooling life, I painted my nails lalalal

RAAIINBOWW NAILS! Well, nail. Just a little optimism to carry me through the schoolwork that will soon be present. Yeah. I've kind of run out of words.. I used to have a lot to say in my posts. but now... I just don't want to bore you with ridiculously pointless details about my average life. Nonetheless, it's my sister's birthday today! Thanks, I'll tell her you said happy birthday.

Namira :)x

Friday, 6 July 2012


In my opinion, my nemo nails turned out awesome; I wasn't prepared to remove them so heartlessly. So, I kept them on for some time and tried to do a time theme on my right hand! It took me forever to get done because I never foundthe time to just sit down and bang it out. But alas, after like five days, the unfinished work is now complete.

Voila! From the thumb we have the face of a grandfather clock, a mickey mouse watch (which looks kind of weird because of my phone's flash), a roman numeral clock, a digital clock and just a regular clock.
I'm keeping it short and sweet today!
Namira :)x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

finding nailmo

Greetings, fellow earthdwellers. This morning I finally found the time to my paint my nails for a theme! Take a look:
Finding nemo nails! I got this brilliant suggestion from Georgia (thanks mate) and I was determined to get it done these holidays. I was really surprised by my detailing abilities and I think the top photo doesn't give it justice. So I took pictures of every individual finger in vain :)

Starting from the pinky we have: Peach, Pearl, Mr. Ray, Dory and of course Nemo. Now that I look at these close up photos my handiwork looks incredibly messy and amateur. And for that I apologise. But just know it is a fiddly job, okay :(
Also if you're intensely scrutinising my every nail and note that the manta ray is all weird that is because I accidentally knocked it against the table. I assure you it was not intentionally painted that way.
I really enjoyed doing this theme and would not have thought of it myself (thanks again Georgia) and if any of my billions of readers out there have suggestions then PLEASE tell me! Comment or facebook me or throw a rock with a message through my window - just whatever.

Namira :)x